Newly-launched Fintopio DeFi Wallet Debuts its Open Beta Version on Telegram and Web App

  • The Fintopio DeFi Wallet, which recently released its beta version, allows users to easily send and receive digital assets via Telegram chat messages.
  • With the beta debut of its DeFi Wallet, Fintopio is taking the first step in its journey to redefine payments by leveraging messaging apps and user-friendly design.

Fintopio, a Web3 company that is developing a wallet that facilitates the sending and receiving of digital assets through messaging apps, has successfully introduced the beta version of its Fintopio DeFi Wallet. This launch marks the first concrete step in Fintopio’s mission to reinvent and simplify how users conduct digital asset transactions. The Fintopio DeFi Wallet is currently available through Telegram text bot and web app, and the company is in the midst of developing a mobile app version of the wallet for iOS and Android.

Fintopio’s newly-launched DeFi Wallet allows users to transmit crypto assets to each other through Telegram, which is estimated to have 900 million monthly active users as of today. The Fintopio DeFi Wallet also facilitates quick swapping of crypto assets, integration with several DeFi apps and wallets, and secure crypto deposits that allow users to take full control of their funds. 

“There are a lot of untapped opportunities related to integrating convenient payment options in messaging apps, especially given that these are some of the world’s most widely and frequently used services. At Fintopio, we want to unlock this huge potential with solutions that allow people to send money just like sending a message or an emoji,” said Steve Milton, Co-Founder and CEO of Fintopio.

Spearheading the launch of a new payment era through Fintopio is Steve Milton, a multinational business leader who served as the Chief Marketing Officer of BNB Chain and Global Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Binance. The company has assembled a 20-person team with extensive expertise in Web3, crypto, tech, and finance, as well as an utmost dedication to revolutionizing the payment landscape and turning FIntopio into a trusted global leader in financial solutions for people and for businesses. 

Revolutionizing Digital Asset Payments Through Telegram

The Fintopio DeFi Wallet functions as an integrated messenger application built on top of Telegram. This app allows users to perform all operations within Telegram, as well as regular web and mobile apps. The message itself acts as a transaction, eliminating the need for recipients to grapple with the complexities of digital asset management. 

What makes Fintopio stand out from other DeFi wallets currently in the market is its unwavering focus on incorporating user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design, especially given the ongoing challenge of making crypto easier and more convenient to use while maintaining the safety of users’ funds.

“Telegram has a great combination of market size and growth trajectory. Even at its current reach, it’s still one of the most downloaded apps worldwide. And it has a young, tech-adept demographic, with 30.6% of its users being in the 25-34 age bracket, making it an ideal foundation upon which we can grow Fintopio especially in a crowded crypto payments space,” Steve Milton stated.

The Future of Crypto Payments

Fintopio recognizes the complexity of today's digital payment ecosystem, the growing demand for innovative solutions in the space, and the huge growth potential that these innovations can bring to the sector. Recent industry forecasts estimate that global cashless payment services will reach 1.9 trillion transactions by 2025 and double to triple that figure by 2032. The introduction and increasing prominence of payment features on major social media and messaging platforms indicate that messaging is the next big frontier for fintech and crypto solutions.

With Fintopio, sending digital assets becomes as effortless as sending a message. Recipients can access their assets via a wallet they already possess, route them to familiar financial institutions, or, if they're new to digital assets, create a lightweight non-custodial wallet within seconds, all through their Telegram app. This innovation extends the reach of digital assets beyond the confines of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It democratizes access to digital assets on a global scale, ensuring that anyone with an internet connection can participate.


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“Ultimately, what we’re doing with the beta launch of the Fintopio DeFi Wallet is an opening act that demonstrates what’s possible with messaging-based, convenient crypto payments, as well as what we can build further. Once the Fintopio infrastructure for simple payments through chat apps is built, and it shows significant traction, this innovation will be easier to replicate as a viable payment solution for other major messaging and social media apps. At that point, it's not that big a leap to take,” Steve Milton concluded. 

As part of this DeFi Wallet beta launch, Fintopio has introduced a beta testing program where the Fintopio online community is encouraged to report bugs and recommend enhancements in exchange for potential rewards. 

The beta version of the Fintopio DeFi Wallet is now available via Telegram bot. Those who are interested in joining the Fintopio Beta Program can submit their feedback through this Bug Bounty form


About Fintopio

Fintopio is a software development company at the forefront of digital asset distribution innovation. With its wallet solution, Fintopio simplifies the process of sending and receiving digital assets. The company's groundbreaking approach is poised to democratize access to digital assets globally, reshaping the landscape of digital transactions.

Fintopio completed a $10 million seed funding round led by a group of private investors from the tech industry, fueling the company’s mission to provide people and businesses with easy, secure, and fast ways to pay. The company was also awarded a CSAP license in Poland.

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