Setting the Stage for Next-gen Internet with the EcoBoost Initiative and NEO3

Founded in 2014, China-based NEO is a leading public blockchain project that is building a “Smart Economy” through a community-driven, open-source approach. To further accelerate its ecosystem’s growth, NEO has launched the EcoBoost initiative, a $100 million fund aimed at promoting ecosystem growth with full life cycle support to promising projects as NEO seeks to build the foundation for next-gen internet. Already, EcoBoost has recruited media companies, exchanges, decentralized application (dApp) distribution platforms and other critical blockchain infrastructure services.

EcoBoost works with projects in a variety of ways ranging from marketing coordination to research and development assistance. In an effort to optimize its throughput, NEO formed a cooperative partnership with leading scaling platform Celer. EcoBoost is helping to leverage Celer’s layer-2 scaling technology and improve existing and future dApps’ scalability and usability. Separately, Chinese-based blockchain gaming company MixMarvel has partnered with NEO, and through EcoBoost’s investment and support, developed GroundHunter, a first-person shooter that promises to make blockchain games mainstream by delivering unmatched gameplay and user experience. In addition, through the EcoBoost initiative, NEO is set to launch a blockchain-based 3D car racing game, CryptoFast.

NEO is also making strides with the development and deployment of NEO3. The project is a complete revamp of NEO’s current architecture which promises to allow large-scale commercial blockchain applications to build out a foundation for next-generation internet. Most recently, NEO joined Microsoft's .NET Foundation as the first blockchain partner to collaborate on creating an optimized developer framework.

With NEO3, developers and NEO partners alike will benefit from an enhanced developed experience with improved stability and throughput. NEO3 has made strong progress since the April 2019 launch of its roadmap. The upgraded blockchain’s NEO3 Preview1 stage offers steam lined and simplified smart contract system.

More recently, a number of NEO3 products were unveiled during the inaugural NEO Community Assembly held from Sept 2-6 in Shanghai. These products included: