Bitcoin Core developer reworks the network's 'rebroadcast logic' to improve privacy

Quick Take

  • Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarwar is working to revise Bitcoin transactions’ rebroadcast logic in order to strengthen the network’s privacy feature
  • The proposed change would also mitigate the risk of dusk attacks.

Bitcoin Core developer Amiti Uttarwar is working on revising the network’s rebroadcast logic to introduce more privacy into the transaction rebroadcasting process.

A relatively new addition to the Bitcoin Core team, Uttarwar was first employed as a Bitcoin Core developer at crypto startup Xapo in Oct. 2019. Her main focus right now concerns a proposed change to bitcoin's rebroadcast logic, which Pieter Wuille previously highlighted as one of a number of promising peer-to-peer implementation projects.

When users initiate a bitcoin transaction, as Uttarwar explained at a Sep. 2019 presentation, they need to broadcast the transaction – meaning they must send out an INV message to the