Supreme Court of Chile validates decision to close Chilean crypto exchange's bank accounts

Quick Take

  • BancoEstado closed Orionx’s bank accounts using a unilateral termination clause
  • Orionx argued that BancoEstado’s decision was abusive and illegitimate, and filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Chile
  • The Court rejected their appeal, ignoring a legal principle that allows any activity not expressly forbidden 
  • The ruling is not a positive sign for crypto in Chile

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There are four billion reasons to read this week’s CCM. Palley looks at a Florida case that deals with the alleged misappropriation of $4 Billion USD in bitcoin, Rosario writes up a new lawsuit filed in federal court in NY that concerns a crypto investment scheme gone wrong, and finally we are lucky to have another guest post from attorney Andrés Chomczyk who gives us the 411 on a bad case for crypto from the Chilean Supreme Court. (As always, Rosario summaries are “NMR” and Palley summaries are “SDP”, and for this week our guest summary is labeled “ACH.”)

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[related id=1]Orionx SpA contra del Banco del Estado de Chile (Chilean Supreme Court, 3d Chamber, 12/3/2018). [ACH]

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