Instagram is hosting a professional development panel for NFT artists

Instagram is hosting an event for non-fungible token (NFT) creators as part of its inaugural "Creator Week."

The virtual program features a series of invitation-only events to solicit feedback from creators on how the Instagram and Facebook platforms can better support their content. It's slated to run three days, from June 8-10. 

Variety first reported the event, calling it a "professional development" series for 5,000 Instagram creators.

NFT artist Sean Williams tweeted an invitation from the series for a panel entitled "A virtual creator event for visual artists and a special discussion on crypto art." An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that the series would contain an NFT-focused event. 

In his thread, Williams said the invitation amounted to an ask for "high level business consulting" in panel form, and indicated that Instagram is looking to build out an NFT platform.

Instagram said it had "no updates to share" on whether it's looking into building out an NFT platform. 

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