Lendtable gives you extra money every month to invest in cryptocurrency

This fintech hack maximizes your paycheck by paying your 401(k) match and ESPP benefits for you.

If your company offers a 401(k) match, stop funneling thousands of dollars into your retirement account every year. Instead, Lendtable will advance that cash for you, increasing disposable income for you to invest in more crypto stocks and blockchain ETFs. 

With NFT and crypto stocks rallying this year, taking advantage of Lendtable is an attractive financial decision for Fortune 500 employees whose companies offer 401(k) matching and Employee Stock Purchase Plan benefits. 

Using a 401(k) match as guaranteed leverage: 

Your 401(k) has unquestionable benefits: It lowers your taxable income, while also providing average annual return rates of 5-8%.

When an employer throws in a 401(k) match, you receive even sweeter returns -- in many cases, an employees’ contributions are doubled. Employers commonly match up to the first 4-6% that you elect to contribute out of your salary dollar for dollar. 

If you make $100,000 a year and contribute 6% annually to your 401(k), your employer would contribute an additional amount of $6,000. This $6,000 is literally free income. 

Maximize returns and your bimonthly paycheck


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While 401(k) matches are a great tool to get ahead for retirement, many individuals struggle to set aside the extra cash necessary to max out the benefit. 25% of all families in the U.S. have $0 saved for retirement and $24 billion is left on the table every year in unused 401(k) Matches.

Lendtable has a solution that allows you to take advantage of your full 401(k) match without sacrificing liquidity. 

Lendtable supplements the cash now going towards receiving your full 401(k) match. They disburse it as you contribute so you're never liquidity constrained. With Lendtable, you're maximizing both the 401(K) match, and also your cash on-hand. 

What are the core features of Lendtable?

  1. Completely max out your 401(k) match, it’s literally free money
  2. Keep your own cash in your pocket for other uses such as Crypto
  3. They only take a percentage of the money they help you earn, no extra fees
  4. No credit checks, nor does approval depend on your credit score

What retirement plan do you need to use Lendtable?

If your company has a 401(k) match, you’re in the running. They also can help you max out other benefits such as Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), 403(b)s and Thrift Savings Plans (TSP).

How to get started now

  1. Visit Lendtable’s website
  2. Click get started
  3. Upload a copy of your paystub and 401(k) policy
  4. Get approved in minutes
  5. Bring on the money!