SushiSwap unveils website for its yet-to-launch Shoyu NFT platform

The website for SushiSwap's forthcoming non-fungible token (NFT) platform, Shoyu, is now live.

The team behind Shoyu posted a tiktok today teasing, "In a desert of NFTs, an oasis is emerging," with desert-themed images leading to the Shoyu domain name. The site now displays a page promising that "creative commerce reimagined" is coming soon. Project leader LexV also tweeted a link to the website today.  

Two months ago, LevX, a former Sushi contributor, proposed the idea of an NFT platform with a frontend, caching layer and infrastructure for art storage powered by Sushi. The platform would provide similar services to existing NFT marketplaces like SuperRare and OpenSea.

A July 7 post contains the initial development and management proposal, as well as some user interface mockups. Those mockups match the current layout on the live It said that an initial "v0" would be released in August, followed in November by a "v1" with additional social networking aspects and that a third upgrade, to "v2," would occur in January 2022. 

A number of firms have also been looking to capitalize on the NFT boom by launching their own marketplaces. OKEx announced the launch of its minting and trading platform today, and Binance also has an NFT marketplace in operation. Still, OpenSea remains the leading venue.