Former regulator Redfearn joins Securitize two months after ditching Coinbase

Digital assets firm Securitize has announced that Brett Redfearn, former director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s trading and markets division, has joined the company as a senior strategic advisor and chair of the advisory board.

Redfearn, who left the SEC in January 2021, spent five months as Coinbase’s head of capital markets earlier this year before abruptly leaving the crypto exchange in August.

At Securitize, Redfearn will advise CEO Carlos Domingo.

“Blockchain holds incredible promise in addressing limitations inherent in today’s capital markets, including broader access to capital and investment opportunities, a fairer and more level playing field, fractional ownership, nearly instantaneous clearing and settlement, transparent record-keeping, and entirely new kinds of products,” said Redfearn in a statement.

Securitize’s business revolves around a platform that helps institutions issue and manage digital assets securities, often referred to as ‘tokenized’ securities. More than 200 businesses and 400,000 investors are connected to the platform today, with some $500 million in assets trading on the platform.

Redfearn will now chair an advisory board that also features former SEC commissioner Paul Atkins and a host of other Silicon Valley and Wall Street big hitters, including Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter.