Germany’s World Wildlife Fund to sell NFTs to raise money for endangered species

Germany’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced today it will release an NFT collection to raise money for protecting endangered animals and their habitats.

The NFT artists tapped to create the art for the collection, which will feature endangered animals and is called “Non-fungible Animals," include Bosslogic, Freehand Profit, Eric Peters, Vinzent Britz, Lea Fricke, Romulo  Kuranyi, Andres Ribon, Rocket&Wink, Etienne Kiefer and Anna Rupprecht.

The number of each artist’s NFTs will be tied to the current population of certain endangered species. For instance, there will be 290 NFTs to represent the 290 giant ibises left in the world.

WWF Germany will release the NFTs with the Polygon Network

Sales for the WWF’s collection will open on Polygon on November 2, and USDC  will be required to purchase an NFT. The WWF’s partners for the NFT launch include Publicis Groupe,  Meet Pablo, Max Penk, MoonPay, Polygon, Unifty and Moonwolf.