The Block perspectives featured on Anthony Pompliano's 'Off the Chain' podcast

Anthony Pompliano's "Off The Chain" podcast, produced in conjunction with BlockWorks Group, has quickly garnered more than 100,000 downloads and numerous high profile guests since its launch in the summer. The Block's team has been fortunate to be featured in a few of Pompliano's episodes. As we begin to introduce multimedia content, we're excited to share the podcasts we reported.

The first episode features The Block investor Ken Seiff, managing partner of Blockchange Ventures. Seiff's fund has seen above-market returns in 2018, putting him in a very unique position in the ecosystem. He spoke about topics ranging from the anatomy of an early stage company to where he sees the greatest opportunities in the industry. Blockchange is among the new wave of venture capital firms that invest exclusively in early stage blockchain companies, protocols, and applications. Due to the nature of the industry, these new crypto-focused long-term venture capital firms have to develop novel approaches to assess investment opportunities.

Blockchange uses commercial filters such as potential market size and endgame market condition (monopoly, oligopoly, etc.) to inform their decisions. Contrary to traditional investors, Seiff and his team look for high possibility rather than high probability investments and once invested, they actually spend more time with their portfolio companies working on go-to-market strategy and protecting against potential future Achilles heels. You can listen to Seiff's full interview here.

The next episode featured The Block's scoop machine and senior correspondent, Frank Chaparro. Chaparro covered the current state of crypto media, what it takes to develop sources, how he deals with sources who lie to him, what happened when the CFO of Goldman Sachs called Frank's article fake news as well as who the most important people and companies in crypto are. You can listen to Chaparro's full interview here.

Last but not least, Pompliano also featured The Block's Founder and CEO, Mike Dudas. The discussion features the role of media in the crypto industry, why Coinbase is the most important company in the space, and why CNBC is more entertainment than substance. Dudas highlighted the intersection between content and crypto while focusing on the importance of objective, fact-based reporting and information in a noisy landscape. You can listen to Dudas' full interview here.

The Block's own podcast will be launching later this fall. These interviews give you a sneak peek at the personalities, topics, and tone of our upcoming multimedia content.