BitMEX updates terms of service; modifies access conditions to exclude citizens of the U.S. and Québec

BitMEX has introduced a major update to its terms of service, Crypto Globe reports. The release, which expanded the document by over 3,000 words, focuses on the exchange’s access conditions as well as the claim of ownership to any derivative work users do on the platform.

One of the most notable changes revolves around phrasing defining access to the site. The newest edition of BitMEX’s ToS states that “residents and citizens of the United States of America of Québec (Canada) are prohibited” from using the site due to the countries’ securities laws. Additionally, the exchange does not accept users from Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan.

Another significant change stresses BitMEX parent company HDR’s ownership of any derivative work created by its users on the platform. It states HDR's right to use it for “any purpose, commercial or otherwise.” Following initial controversy around the significance of the statement, BitMEX has emailed a clarification to Crypto Globe, explaining the firm “does not, sell, trade, or offer customer data to third parties.”