French President Macron advocates the use of blockchain in European agriculture

French President Emmanuel Macron called for better traceability of agricultural products, referring to blockchain as a possible way to bring transparency into the industry. Macron discussed current issues of agriculture at the inauguration of the 56th International Agricultural Fair in Paris last Saturday. He said the EU should have the means to track down fraud in order to prosecute those who endanger consumer’s health, citing the recent Polish beef scandal as an example of bad practices that should be combated. 

Macron said Europe should adopt a “homogeneous policy,” pointing to blockchain technology as a possible answer to the current issues. The development of such a blockchain solution could put Europe at the “vanguard” of the innovation. Blockchain could allow tracking products' origin and every stage—"from raw material production to packaging and processing.” Thus, the client could always be certain that they are buying high-quality products.