Miami's Mayor Suarez wants a 'pro-Bitcoin' president of the United States

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez advocated for the election of pro-bitcoin officials in a speech opening Bitcoin 2022.

"The next president of the United States has to be a pro-bitcoin candidate," said Suarez. 

Suarez joked that perhaps he could be that presidential candidate in the future.

"I thought, 'how can I go bigger, and I thought I can make an announcement, that I'm running for....nah, not this year," Suarez said.

Still, Suarez said he wanted to articulate a "vision for the country" related to crypto, which he calls "Vision for Bitcoin America 2024." In addition to pushing to elect pro-Bitcoin candidates who can shape a favorable regulatory climate, Suarez called for an integration of bitcoin into "every part of our society," including purchasing everyday goods with the crypto.

Ultimately, Suarez wants a collaborative effort to "unleash the macro power of bitcoin," which he defines as using the blockchain to break cycles of poverty by uncoupling it from some federal monetary policies.

"Bitcoin has the power to democratize and to create wealth for the unbanked and the poor in our community who are getting decimated by inflation and government spending that has run rampant," said Suarez. 

Suarez made waves early last year for his stated desire to invest some of Miami's reserves into bitcoin. Miami's government has since sought to position the city as a hub for bitcoin and crypto companies, a position for which the state's governor, Ron DeSantis, has indicated support.