Cosmos, a much anticipated blockchain interoperability project is now live

Cosmos, a blockchain project focused on interoperability, is now live. Interoperability is about facilitating communication between otherwise incompatible public blockchains. 

After two years of significant R&D, the launch has been eagerly awaited by cryptocurrency enthusiasts since the project's 2016 ICO ($16 million was raised). The project is deployed by company Tendermint Inc, which is also working on additional developer tooling, including an SDK which will enable other companies and projects to interact with the product, including Binance (which is using it for their non-custodial exchange) .

While the exact blockchains that will be used in the Cosmos system are unclear—they will have to be voted on by the validators supporting the network—there are nearly 70 active validators participating in the network.

The project presents a number of innovative technical ideas after years of stress-testing (including a real-world, adversarial test-net) showing much-needed forward momentum as projects launch publicly in the bear market.