Winklevosses: Price swings shouldn't easily bother someone who deals in cryptocurrencies

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are still doing well despite the crypto winter. In an interview for the Telegraph, the Winklevoss twins share their thoughts regarding Gemini and the future of the crypto industry.

The twins do not discuss how much money they have in cryptocurrencies. They like being dubbed "bitcoin billionaires," and when asked about losses, say they are still better off than before their investment in bitcoin. They also believe that if someone is easily bothered with price fluctuations, they should reconsider cryptocurrency investments as this nascent industry is still developing.

“If you can’t handle price swings you probably shouldn’t be investing or starting a company," Cameron said. "Start-ups feel like that too. We are good at dealing with that; that’s why we are in this game.”

Cameron says he hopes to see Gemini’s success on par with that of Amazon’s. After all, many did not believe the online retailer when it first started. Similarly, the crypto industry is still extremely young.

They also admit Mark Zuckerberg's interest in blockchain might be a positive influence on the crypto industry. Although they once sued the Facebook founder, they claim not to hold a grudge, and believe Zuckerberg's possible venture into cryptocurrencies is "cool."