Blockchain lawyer Drew Hinkes joins Carlton Fields law firm

Andrew Hinkes, a lawyer specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, is joining Carlton Fields’ Blockchain and Digital Currency team, CoinDesk reports. Hinkes holds the position of a law professor at New York University and works as bank Athena Blockchain’s general counsel. 

In his new position, Hinkes wants to support token issuers who he believes will soon begin requesting cleared guidance from the regulators, according to the report.

“What we have seen so far is folks just settling with the regulators, but we have started seeing some companies that want to fight back or try to use the litigation process to get a better clarity on what their obligations are by challenging some of the positions taken by the regulators in court,” said Hinkes.

According to Hinkes, the major obstacle is that there is currently no real guidance or law regulating ICOs. Although regulators have given some written orders, pushing against the regulators and negotiating with them is the only way currently available to token issuers, Hinkes said.