DragonEx crypto exchange hacked

Singaporean exchange DragonEx has been hacked, and an as-yet-unknown amount of assets have been stolen, CoinDesk writes. Upon the discovery of the breach on March 24, DragonEx took the platform offline to carry out “system upgrades” and announced a day later the breach had taken place. In the attack, hackers absconded with both users’ and the platform’s assets, although the exchange has not yet provided concrete numbers.

According to a message posted on Telegram, DragonEx has retrieved some of the assets and is working on recovering the rest. The exchange has informed judicial administration from Estonia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong regarding the cyber attack and is helping the police with the investigation.

The platform has suspended services for a week. Regardless of how the asset recovery goes, “For the loss caused to our users, DragonEx will take the responsibility no matter what,” the exchange wrote.