Indian police free captives, arrest 7 kidnappers who demanded 80 bitcoin ransom

Indian police has freed three men held captive by a gang, the Hindustan Times writes. The kidnappers demanded 80 bitcoin in ransom.

Two of the captives were cryptocurrency traders. They were held for more than two weeks in a high-rise building in Bhankrota, and were freed in a 13-hour police operation. 

“The gang kidnapped Shaikh and Shazad, two bitcoin traders, and demanded 80 Bitcoins worth ₹8 crore,” deputy commissioner of police Vika Sharma said. “Shah was kidnapped two days later. The gang demanded ₹10 lakh from his family members.” 

The police arrested seven people responsible for the kidnapping. The gang is believed to have been involved in other criminal activity, including kidnapping, extortion, looting, and robbery.