Bitmain introduces platform to connect cryptocurrency hardware and mining farm owners

Bitmain, one of the largest producers of integrated circuits and mining hardware for cryptocurrencies, announced on September 27 that it will be opening up a global platform to match owners of mining hardware with owners of mining farms.

Bitmain plans to unveil the platform, termed the World Digital Mining Map (WDMM), at the upcoming World Digital Mining Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. The goal is to help mining remain price efficient for participants who are seeking good conditions and power resources.

To create unique value via WDMM, Bitmain promises that "participants will be given personalized services from Bitmain which includes assistance with mining farm design, connections to foreign customers to host, and support with operations, purchasing and construction."

“Bitmain is our key partner. About 85% of the equipment in operation on our site is from Bitmain. In practice, we checked the reliability of this equipment, ease of operation, and highest efficiency. Bitmain not only sells equipment, but also helps us operate and maintain the equipment in the most efficient way, it helps us to further the output and reduce the down time of our customers’ miners,” said Dmitrii Ushakov, current WDMM participant and CCO of Bitriver.

The initiative from Bitmain comes as the hash rate of the Bitcoin network has reached an all-time high in September, consistently above 80,000,00 TH/s.