Casa announces a new version of its Bitcoin full node

Casa, the bitcoin custody services provider, has announced the launch of Casa Node 2, the second iteration of its flagship plug-and-play Bitcoin full node.

According to the company, Casa Node 2 will run with a faster processor on the new Raspberry Pi 4 and will include 4GB of RAM compared to the 1GB found in the original Casa Node device

In addition to the launch of the new node, Casa has announced a new version of its native node software, NodeOS. NodeOS will offer a new design, dark mode, and support for BTCPayServer, the popular open-source bitcoin payments processor.

Casa plans to ship a "limited number" of Casa Node 2 devices in October and November at a discounted price.

According to Casa CEO and founder Jeremy Welch, since launching the original Casa Node in 2018, the firm has sold and shipped over 2,000 nodes globally to over 60 countries.

"This is just the beginning," Welch said, adding that Casa's recently launched Heartbeats product and its mobile application SatsApp will make it "easier than ever to maintain your own Node and own security."

When asked whether Casa plans to move into the hardware wallet space, Welch tells The Block that "we have no plans to make a hardware wallet," adding that the company, however, plans to add new wallet integrations to its multisig product such as Coldcard Wallet support.