Coinbase to begin 'sunsetting'; will focus on Coinbase Earn product

Eighteen months after its reported $100M acquisition of micro-task platform, Coinbase has announced via an email to customers that the exchange will be "sunsetting to focus exclusively on Coinbase Earn." 

Coinbase Earn enables users to earn cryptocurrencies by completing educational tasks. This year the platform taught users how to open MakerDAO CDPs, how to use the Brave browser, and how various blockchain platforms work. According to Coinbase, the Coinbase Earn product "has allowed nearly a million unique users in 115+ countries to earn their share of hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto." users have until February 20, 2020, to withdraw their balances on In 2020, Coinbase states that it will be "scaling Coinbase Earn even further by adding more campaigns to the platform, to connect more blockchain networks with engaged crypto users."