Litecoin and Atari team up in anticipation of the Atari Token's launch

The Litecoin Foundation and videogame maker Atari have formed a new partnership that among other things will make Litecoin an accepted means of payment for the soon-to-launch Atari token.

Atari has set its sights on a September launch for the Atari Token, according to a release published Tuesday by Atari and the Litecoin Foundation. It will be used to manage purchases and track digital assets in the ecosystem, as well as make payments in the Atari Casino, which offers casino games with buy-ins using cryptocurrency. Atari has also formed a subsidiary, Atari Chain Ltd, that is focused on developing crypto projects in entertainment industries. 

Besides being a means of payment for the Atari Token, Litecoin will also become an option for purchasing Atari's yet-to-launch VCS game console at a discount, the firms said.

Beyond that, the new partnership with Litecoin will also involve the future "use of Litecoin across gaming platforms within the Atari ecosystem," according to the release.