Elwood Global becomes largest blockchain ETF with $95.4 million in total assets

The Elwood Global Blockchain Equity exchange-traded fund (ETF) has become the largest blockchain ETF as of last week when it hit a new total asset high, according to publicly available data.

The BCHN fund reached $95.4 million on May 29, according to Bloomberg's data. The United Kingdom-based fund has stock holdings that include Overstock, CME Group and Square, among others. It is intended to provide a vehicle for exposure to companies involved with the crypto sector in some fashion.

The Elwood Global ETF dethroned BLOK's Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF, which currently sits at $86.45 million in total assets. Until last week, BLOK's was the biggest blockchain ETF in the space, according to data from ETFdb.com.

Other top blockchain ETFs include BLCN, GFIN, BKCH and BCNA. BLOK and BLCN are the largest traded in the U.S., according to reporting from The Block Research in early April. Smaller blockchain ETFs have also seen growth significant growth in the past year.