Coinbase open-sources the software it uses to integrate new blockchains

Coinbase has open-sourced the technical framework it's been using to list new tokens to its platform, the San Francisco exchange announced Wednesday. 

Called Rosetta, Coinbase originally developed the framework as middleware and has used it to streamline the integration of new blockchains to its platform. The idea behind releasing it to the developer world is to make the process even simpler by providing crypto exchanges and projects a set of standard specifications and tools. 

"For developers of new blockchain projects, the Rosetta interface makes it easier to ensure compatibility with exchanges that use Rosetta, and can dramatically speed up the time it takes exchanges to integrate with new blockchains and protect customer funds by ensuring specific security conditions are met," the firm wrote in a blog post

To receive support from Coinbase, blockchain projects will still need to clear the exchange's listing and security standards. 

"The goal of Rosetta is to standardize how to interact with blockchains, making it easy for anyone to build on top of a blockchain for a variety of different use cases," the press release said.