The Boston Fed is seeking a software engineer to work on digital currency projects

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston wants to recruit a software engineer to work on digital currency, according to a job listing first reported by CoinDesk. 

The ideal candidate would have five years of experience in software engineering, familiarity with AWS, GCP, or Azure and proficiency in Java or C, C++, among other requirements stated in the listing.  

Moreover, the candidate will be required to work full-time for one year in the digital currency experiments domain run by the Applied FinTech Research team. Apart from its core duty, the hire will also be coding, running large-scale tests and finding solutions to outcomes, and managing relations both inside and outside the team. 

"This position is responsible for providing configuration, implementation, and support of the Applied Fintech Research team’s efforts in digital currency experimentation," the job summary notes.

Robert Bench, Boston Fed’s secure payments vice president and director of the Applied FinTech Research team, discussed the mission of the Federal Reserve system in a recent webinar held by The Block on Central Bank Digital Currencies: Design, Policy, and Implementation.” Bench confirmed that the U.S. central bank does not have any immediate plans to launch a digital currency but the U.S. must be prepared in case of such an event.