Eth2 researchers unveil validator 'launchpad' ahead of next month's Medalla testnet launch

The Ethereum Foundation's Eth2 research team shared details about its validator launchpad on Monday as the ambitious blockchain overhaul project inches closer to its formal launch.

Specifically, the launchpad — which is designed to ease the process by which users can become network validators, or entities that help secure the network — comes before the launch of Medalla, a planned multi-client test net set to go live early next month. Medalla is described as "the official, public multi-client testnet" and is a major benchmark ahead of the official kick-off for ETH 2.0. 

The idea behind the launchpad is to make the process of becoming an Eth2 validator as seamless as possible, "without compromising on security and education," according to the official announcementTo transition from the current proof-of-work framework to proof-of-stake, Eth2 requires validators that will help keep the network secure and receive continuous payouts, or rewards, for actions that help the network reach consensus.

This is where the launchpad comes in. According to the research team, the launchpad will help would-be validators learn about the different aspects of the process, including the amount of rewards they stand to receive, the risk and responsibilities that come with being involved, managing their keys and uploading their public keys online. 

"The Launchpad has been an important project for us as something that can create a welcoming and educational experience for beacon chain and eth2 onboarding," the blog post noted. "Still, we expect other great interfaces to come online over time from client operators and leading teams, and we hope that you'll try their releases when the time comes too."

As previously reported, the first phase of Eth2's roll-out may not go live until early next year. Still, depending on progress in the months ahead, the genesis launch could occur as early as November.