Casa announces bitcoin buying option via its mobile app

Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has released a new service that allows users to buy bitcoin directly from its free mobile app. 

According to the company's announcement post on Thursday, through the Casa App, users can directly purchase bitcoin with Apple Pay. 

The company worked with purchase partner Wyre for the app's security features. Fees are market standard for debit card payments and are charged by Wyre. Currently, users face a $0.30 fee per transaction plus an additional 2.9% for U.S. cards (3.9% for international cards). Each purchase also requires a mining fee as transactions are carried out on-chain. 

App coverage remains limited, with New York, Texas and Connecticut among other U.S. states that are still not supported. But Casa says it is working on expanding its support, both at a national and global scale. 

"By incorporating bitcoin buying directly into a secure self-custody wallet, we remove the friction from the purchasing process while also eliminating the points of failure where users are vulnerable to loss, theft, or fraud," said Casa CEO Nick Neuman. "Whether you're an experienced Bitcoin buyer or taking your first steps, there is no easier way to buy Bitcoin while ensuring your investment is secure."