'Entourage' star has a show about crypto in development

In what will either go down as the best or the worst idea ever, a star of the TV show Entourage is bringing crypto to the small screen. According to Breaker, Kevin Connolly, who played Eric "E" Murphy on Entourage, has partnered with media crypto fans Jason King and Erik Sords to build a show that makes dramatic hay of the ups and downs of a nascent and volatile industry. The would-be show's title is, obviously, Cryptos.

“These guys [Sords and King] want to bring [cryptocurrency] to the mainstream for the better of cryptocurrency. I’m just the filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters,” Connolly said to Breaker. “For me, it’s about relationships and friendships. That’s what people tune in to see.”

According to Breaker, the show will center around a small group of friends and chronicle their struggles as they try to get a decentralized film studio (and associated token) off the ground.

Given the lack of announced network backing and the poorly photoshopped "poster" associated with the show, it doesn't look like this jalopy of a premise has much gas yet but, given the surprising resilience of crypto thus far it might be fun to see some of the movers and shakers given the Silicon Valley treatment. 

"They claim to be in the process of producing the first 10 episodes, with the hope of being picked up by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or another content-hungry platform," Breaker wrote. Why not just write it to the blockchain?