An NFT tied to a New York Times column has sold for nearly $560,000 in ETH

An auction for a non-fungible token tied to a New York Times column has sold for 350 ETH -- an amount worth nearly $560,000 at current prices.

As previously reported, the column was put up for sale by NYT writer Kevin Roose. The auction, which ended Thursday afternoon, ultimately fell in favor of Foundation user @3fmusic, who goes by the moniker "Farzin." 

According to Roose, the proceeds of the sale will go to Neediest Cases Fund, a fund established by The Times which supports social causes in New York and elsewhere. The buyer will also have the chance to be featured in a follow-up article, though they can choose to remain anonymous. 

The Times is the latest publication to experiment with NFTs, which are akin to digital certificates tied to content such as artwork or, in the case of this particular example, a newspaper article.

Yesterday, TIME Magazine sold three of its issue covers for 81 ETH (about $131,000). Quartz sold its first NFT news article for 1 ETH (about $1,800).