CURIO and Heavy Metal Magazine To Debut “The Women of Heavy Metal” NFTs

Introducing a new digital experience for fans of the iconoclastic Genre magazine, focused on its bold female characters.

LOS ANGELES (May 12, 2021) — Curio, the premier NFT platform for the entertainment industry, announced today the release of officially licensed NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from Heavy Metal Magazine. Starting on Wednesday, May 12th at 10 AM PT, Curio will host the first of ten NFT drops in The Women of Heavy Metal Collection. The digital collectibles highlight the magazine’s history of trailblazing female characters and will be broken into two series of five drops each, with bonus NFTs given as rewards for collecting the first five, the second five, and all ten NFTs. The Women of Heavy Metal NFT collection coincides with the 44-year anniversary of the brand last summer and marks the 300th issue of the magazine, which saw a new guard taking the helm at the magazine. For this monumental year, a free annual subscription to the magazine will be given to the fan who holds the 44th edition of each NFT.

Heavy Metal is the premiere storyteller of cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The trend-setting magazine has continuously published since its first issue in 1977 and inspired some of the most famous blockbusters in film history. It is credited as an inspiration behind Blade Runner and The Fifth Element and authored the official Alien graphic novel in 1979. Known for its stunning visual style, iconoclastic stories, and subversive content, Heavy Metal is a bastion of counterculture in the entertainment industry. Launched at a time when comic book publishers were strictly censored by the Comics Code Authority, Heavy Metal set the standard for how to thrill sci-fi fans through revolutionary storytelling and art. These NFTs are inspired by the iconic pages from the magazine itself and highlight Heavy Metal’s beloved, bold, and brave female characters.

“Our team launched Curio because we’re first and foremost collectors, fans, and geeks,” said Rikin Mantri COO of Curio. “We grew up on Heavy Metal, eagerly awaiting each new issue, gobbling up every unique storyline, rebellious character, and mind-bending piece of artwork. This NFT collection allows fans to tangibly collect the pages of Heavy Metal in a groundbreaking way. We’re beyond thrilled to partner with this exceptional magazine, to give its diehard fans a brand-new way to experience the female characters they love, and to introduce Heavy Metal to the masses.”

“For decades, Heavy Metal fans look to us to move Hollywood into bolder, more daring narratives and to redefine how stories are told, how artwork is designed, and how to create compelling, mind melting characters,” said Heavy Metal CEO Matthew Medney. “Diving headfirst into the NFT space, with a particular focus on the women of Heavy Metal, is a natural next step in our magazine’s journey. When Heavy Metal launched, no one thought that bloody, horror-themed graphics would sell, and they were wrong. We’ve stood on the precipice of change before and with this NFT collection, we’re doing it again. Our fans already love our mind-blowing art, and now through NFTs, they have the opportunity to literally own it and collect it.”

Past NFT releases from Curio include collections based on the American Gods television series produced by Fremantle, the Concrete Park graphic novel series published by Dark Horse Comics, and Universal Pictures’ Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Each NFT drop from these collections sold out and the NFTs are now trading on Curio’s secondary marketplace, the Exchange.


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First published in 1977, Heavy Metal Magazine, the world’s foremost illustrated fantasy magazine, explores fantastic and surrealistic worlds, alternate realities, science fiction and thrillers, in the past, present, and future. Writers and illustrators from around the world take you to places you never dreamed existed. Heavy Metal Magazine was the first magazine to bring European legends like Moebius, Enki Bilal, and Pepe Moreno to the U.S. while showcasing American superstars like Richard Corben, Jim Steranko and Bernie Wrightson. The magazine continues to showcase amazing new talent and established creators. Now published monthly, Heavy Metal Magazine features serialized and standalone stories, artist galleries, and interviews. Heavy Metal Entertainment is home not only to its iconic magazine, but also an incredible slate of comics and prose novels, a podcast network, and television and film projects. With CEO Matthew Medney now at the helm, Heavy Metal promises to boldly go where no one has gone before. Explore ancient secrets, forgotten worlds and savage futures…experience Heavy Metal. Join us at

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