Introducing Curio X for Independent NFT Creators

As a company built out of a love for NFTs, blockchain technology, and fandom in late 2020, we’ve spent the better part of this year working to bring the Curio community a holistic NFT experience. This experience has predominantly focused on fusing well-known licensed IP brands with unique NFT tech to create a tangible ownership experience for fans & NFT collectors alike. We’re proud to say that with the support of an active community and awesome IP partners, we’ve achieved our initial goal of delivering this holistic experience. 

Along the way, we realized our community goes beyond just entertainment brands and fans. It includes crypto OGs, NFT lifers, apes, kennels, goatz, cats, and more. Our community represents the best of the general NFT community while it also welcomes more mainstream fans who share a love for entertainment and great storytelling. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Curio X. A new home for the NFT projects you’ll love from the NFT creators you respect. This dedicated collab will give NFT creators the support of an active and passionate community while introducing our community to new and upcoming brands created by the next generation of IP creators. 

The first project is Curio X NFT Dungeon™. This collection of 12,000 generated RPG (Role-Playing Game) adventurers was created by Sam Ellis, best known for his work on Archer (FX) and Adventure Time (BOOM! Studios). After releasing the first 1,000 on OpenSea, Sam brought the project to Curio, a win-win since he’s currently serving as Curio’s Head of Product. Sam says, “NFT Dungeon is a love letter to all things crypto-geek, namely NFTs and RPGs.” Curio X NFT Dungeon launches on Curio today, August 4th at 12 PM PT, with a limited run of 500 editions sold at 0.05 ETH. 

In true community fashion, we’re proud to launch with the support of enthusiastic partners like Metakey & House of Kibaa. In the case of Metakey, you have an avid DnD fan in Michael P, Community, Social Media and Marketing Manager, who openly loves the project and is on record as saying: 

“There are a rapidly accelerating number of RPG nerds exploring the metaverse, myself included! NFT Dungeon combines the viral potential of the D&D and TTRPG renaissance; the economy and collectibility of the generative NFT avatar movement; and the animated whimsy of Sam’s iconic art style. With its mainstream fandom-bridging architecture, Curio feels like the perfect platform for NFT Dungeon to thrive. The Metakey team are all extremely excited about the shared experiences we’re building together!” 

The Metakey group loved the project so much that they even live-streamed a Dungeon’s & Dragons One-Shot, yesterday, Tuesday, August 3rd at 7 PM EDT. Some lucky streamers were even gifted the in-game adventurers. 


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While Jason, Grant, & the entire HOK team have been thrilled to throw their technical prowess behind the collection and have created 500 one-of-a-kind 3D NFT Collectibles. These 500 NFTs will be airdropped to randomly selected collectors as the project meets sales thresholds. We're honored to partner with these groups and know that these collaborations are what the NFT community is all about.

Check out the Curio X NFT Dungeon collection on Curio -- and if you’re a creator or artist, get in touch. We’ve created a nifty little form for you to tell us more about your project. Reach out to us and start the conversation. 


Team Curio


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