Tesseract Earn Brings DeFi & Yield Products to Crypto Companies

Tesseract, an EU –based cryptocurrency credit innovator focusing on institutional clients, is now welcoming new Earn partners to its renewed offering. Tesseract has been offering credit services to crypto companies since its founding in 2017. One of these includes a white-label interest rate account solution. Dubbed Tesseract Earn, it allows crypto companies to provide a wide array of yield products, such as interest-bearing accounts and DeFi yield & staking, to their customers via an API –based solution. 

Who is Tesseract Earn for? 

The Earn partnership is ideal for cryptocurrency exchanges, on- & off-ramps, wallet providers, and FinTechs looking to expand into the crypto space. Among others, Tesseract has partnered with Coinmotion, a retail exchange focused on the Nordics, since 2018 enabling them to become the market leader in Finnish crypto.  

Tesseract Earn attracts more customers & diversifies revenue 

By offering a well-tailored set of yield products, crypto companies can attract more customers and reduce churn as customers with assets deposited in yield products become much stickier. Earn also helps companies diversify revenue and minimise the impact of downturns in trading activity. 

Tesseract is powering the crypto credit ecosystem 

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Tesseract has been active in crypto credit since 2017 and is regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, allowing it to operate globally. In June, it raised a $25M Series A, backed by investors such as Augmentum, Coinbase Ventures, Sapphire, and Wintermute. Tesseract's partners include some of the largest in crypto; it offers custody solutions in cooperation with Copper and is the official credit provider for BitMEX. In addition to partnerships, Tesseract also provides crypto OTC lending and cross-exchange cross-asset margin lending. 

Tesseract is the first to bring DeFi solutions to businesses 

Tesseract was one of the first companies in Europe to launch a DeFi research & investment team in 2020. Since then, Tesseract has been iterating on its DeFi product offering, allowing its partners' customers access to various high-yield DeFi strategies and staking opportunities.  

Easy integration ensures accelerated time to market 

With multiple Earn partnerships under its belt, Tesseract has mastered taking companies to the next level. The whole process can be squeezed in just under a month, allowing exchanges & crypto ramps to stay ahead of their competition. To learn more about getting started, you can drop Tesseract a line on their website

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