Matrixport Enables Smarter Bitcoin Trades at Favorable Rates with Industry-first ‘Buy-Below-Market’ and ‘Sell-Above-Market’ Offerings

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, introduces its first-mover ‘Buy-Below-Market’ (BBM) and ‘Sell-Above-Market’ (SAM) offerings.

With BBM and SAM, users have the opportunity to buy or sell BTC at a discounted price or at a premium across a range of tenors. 

John Ge, Co-Founder & CEO, Matrixport, said: “With innate fluctuations of BTC price, opportunity cost is commonplace in crypto. Our latest products address this pain point by allowing our customers to buy or sell at a better-than-market-price. Our offering is designed to remove the stress of timing the market, so crypto trading becomes easier for everyone.”

Users can express their views on BTC by selecting from a range of target buy prices at a discount with BBM. The lower the selected buy price and the longer the tenor, the greater the discount rate will be.

For each target buy price option, there are three possible outcomes:

If BTC price settles between the specified range: 50% of the user’s fund would be used to purchase BTC at the price of the lower bound. Users will receive BTC bought at the discounted rate and 50% of the fund returned as USDT/USDC;

If BTC price settles at or below the lower bound of the specified range: 100% of the user’s fund would be used to purchase BTC at the price of the lower bound and users will receive BTC;

If BTC price settles above the upper bound of the specified range: Orders are knocked out and users will get back 100% of their USDT/USDC fund.

Conversely, there are three similar outcomes with SAM, with users having the opportunity to sell their BTC at a premium above the current market price. The higher the selected sell price and the longer the tenor, the greater the premium rate will be.

Following the recent introduction of ‘BTC U-Range Sniper‘ and ‘ETH2.0 Staking Earn’, the launch of BBM and SAM is a reflection of Matrixport’s commitment to continually launch innovative products to make investing easier and more profitable for both crypto prosumers and novices.

To find out more about how Matrixport’s BBM and SAM work, please refer to this product factsheet.

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