7 O'Clock Capital: Top investment institution that's willing to accompany projects for long-term growth

In 2021, investment and financing returns in the crypto industry constantly broke record high. Among the records, 7 O’Clock Capital’s highest return investment reached an ROI of 10,733%. According to Chain Broker data, 7 O’Clock Capital was one of the top funds last year in terms of return. 

2021 was a momentous year for the crypto industry, bitcoin reached an all-time high of $69,000, DeFi, Layer1, Layer2, NTF, GameFi, and Metaverse erupted alongside with record levels of investment and financing. With the birth of numerous outstanding funds,7 O’Clock Capital has risen to the top and achieved remarkable results as Asia’s most specialized full project cycle servicing fund.   

7 O’Clock Capital established the first DeFi+DAO Eco Fund focusing on DeFi, public chains, Web3.0, Layer2, Metaverse, GameFi, and more. Among 100+ investments, Metis’ ROI hit 10,733%, Defina’s ROI reached 9,360%, Singularity Dao’s ROI was 4,306.67%, Deeper’s ROI was 2,647.5%, and other projects such as JGN and Lithium Finanth yielded 50x in return. 

7 O’Clock Capital has leading blockchain business consulting and investment research abilities. Its professional consulting brand, 7 O’Clock Labs, has consulted for more than 100 projects: from business structure and economic model to brand positioning, marketing operation, and promotion—empowering the entire project ecological cycle. 

7 O’Clock Capital also specializes in providing post-investment services. Its community is one of the most active in the industry, and has done over 200 AMAs, multiple online salons, and 10+ offline events since its establishment. 

By building an eco-partner network in Korea, Singapore, and Dubai, 7 O’Clock Capital is committed to setting ground as the most professional full-cycle project service fund in Asia. 

In September 2021, 7 O’Clock Capital hosted the 9th China SME Investment and Financing Fair, and the 2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit at China National Convention Center with over 4,000 attendees. China is known to be one of the key markets in the crypto industry, and that’s where 7 O’Clock Capital has unique advantages. 

 As an investment fund in the crypto industry, 7 O’Clock Capital adheres to its strategic mission of “bringing value to the industry” and gives full play to its ability and strengths in selecting and serving prospective projects, and accompanying the long-term growth of projects. 

Entering 2022, 7 O’Clock Capital became a Metis Asia Pacific eco-partner, together building the Metis ecosystem for a better future.  

New public chains, Layer2 and its eco-projects, GameFi, SocialFi, Web3.0 infrastructure, and many more blockchain projects are all areas of great potential and key investment directions of 7 O’Clock Capital. Based on its philosophy, 7 O’Clock Capital will continue to thrive in the 21th century. 

If your project needs help in promotion, funding, technology support and more, please feel free to contact us in the methods below. 

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