How community involvement can boost the new data economy: Meet Swash

In the new Web 3 world, people want to be closely involved in the projects they support and become key actors in change.

The Web 2 era offered “free” products for people, but it wasn’t aligned with values of freedom, decentralisation, and fair remuneration, especially concerning individual data.

The ethos of Web 3 offers those values back, while deep community involvement is a key step for the rise of the new decentralised data economy.

With Swash, people can regain control over their data by joining the Data Union and receiving crypto rewards in exchange.

The Swash movement is leading the way in involving its Data Union members across initiatives, from a future DAO to a new ambassador programme.

The rise of DAOs: The power of a connected community

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are a modern structure where people are the driving force and main beneficiaries.

Tech-based Data Unions like Swash are a new iteration of the DAO concept in the decentralised data economy by mixing governance (over projects and data) with rewards.

To boost a future DAO, Swash launched a DAO Ignition campaign set to jumpstart members’ contributions, increase adoption, and trigger token burning, among a series of perks.

The Swash DAO Ignition campaign is live for one year, until February 15, 2023, where people can win a grand prize of 300K USDT, help burn up to 5M $SWASH tokens, and trigger Swash to donate 100K USDT to charity under the “Data for Good” program.

The future Swash DAO will give members more governance power over the direction of the movement, its roadmap, products, and initiatives. 

Community participation as the trigger for more value in Web 3 ecosystems


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In the new decentralised ecosystem, people’s participation can drive value to the entire community while propelling projects further. 

Since participation in new Web 3 projects works through governance tokens, people’s actions can shape the roadmap of a project and boost the utility of those tokens.

The Swash community can already have an impact on the project through the newly-triggered Swash’s Smoke campaign. Swash Smoke is a series of 6 campaigns burning up to 10% of the total $SWASH supply (aka 100M $SWASH). 

Ecosystem stakeholders reap the benefits by driving more token burning when using the product, promoting it, and engaging with it.

New ways to become involved in Web 3 with tokenomics

Web 3 is bolstering new ways for people to be involved with the projects they share values with. 

The Swash Ambassador Program enables dedicated Swashbucklers to get rewarded with $SWASH based on the frequency, impact, and length of their contributions. 

Beyond official structures like DAOs, projects can gain awareness and traction from a close connection with the community, while people get compensated through token-based incentives.

Become part of the Web 3 revolution with Swash - join the quarter of a million people already earning from the value of their data!


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