Compass Mining recovers machines from hosting provider following court order

Quick Take

  • Compass Mining obtained a court order granting the bitcoin miner access to its machines hosted with Dynamics Corp. in Maine.
  • The two companies have been in conflict for the past month over claims of missed payments and ‘hostage’ hardware.

Compass Mining has recovered the miners hosted at a facility in Maine operated by Dynamics Corp, which the miner had sued over a conflict that started with claims of missed payments.

A court order issued on July 5 granted Compass access to the machines, the company announced in a blog post on Friday.

Per the miner, the court prohibited the facility, Dynamics Corp, from "operating, moving, or otherwise disposing of the equipment" and stated that Compass had the right to access the facility.

Compass sued Dynamics Corp on June 21, accusing the hosting provider of holding its machines "hostage," according to Law360.

Dynamics Corp claimed on Twitter that Compass had missed some of its power payments. The miner denied those accusations, claiming in a blog post that it had fulfilled all its contractual obligations.