DeFi Saver, a complete DeFi management dashboard with automation options

DeFi Saver is one of the OG DeFi projects that came to fruition before Black Thursday and even before Aave v1 launched. The crew working on the project started with a lesser-known name - CDP Saver, in 2019, when there was only MakerDAO with their Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) and later rebranded. The story of DeFi Saver started with a liquidation. While on a team retreat in Thailand, a personal, close-call experience with a potential liquidation of a DeFi position in Maker led one of the founders to think of a simple idea. He took a small part of the collateral to pay back part of his debt, increasing the collateral-to-debt ratio on which many DeFi protocols rely in providing overcollateralized loans, thereby reducing his risk of liquidation. The team went a long way from providing manual DeFi loan repayment and leveraging features in a single transaction - a DeFi first, for that matter, to becoming a go-to solution for automated liquidation protection and leverage management for the most trusted protocols. Over time, various on-chain automated strategies were introduced that can either automatically unwind (partially "self-liquidate") or fully close out (Stop Loss) a position if it becomes too risky. 

In the years that followed, as DeFi grew, DeFi Saver continuously expanded support for various lending and borrowing protocols, creating dedicated dashboards for Compound, Aave, Liquity, and Reflexer. Alongside continuous polishing and UI improvements, the team developed several powerful tools evolving into an impressive DeFi protocol aggregator with advanced DeFi asset management features.  

Today DeFi users have all of their needs covered in one comprehensive app, including borrowing, lending, leveraging, and yield farming. They can rely on the Smart Savings dashboard that enables an easy supply of stablecoin assets to vetted yield farming protocols like Yearn, mStable, and Convex. There is also a convenient and easy-to-use tool that allows users to move their collateral and debt between integrated protocols called the Loan Shifter. And then there is the Recipe Creator. A transaction builder intended to abstract the smart contract technical intricacies. Users can mix different actions, multiple protocol interactions, token swaps, and utilize the famous DeFi flash loan functionality in a single transaction. It allows for the cross-interaction of all the protocols mentioned above as well as Uniswap and Lido. Lastly, the much-praised Simulation mode feature enables anyone to take the application for a spin and test its powerful suite of features. 

At times, DeFi can be daunting. The number of protocols and apps serving a particular function is mind-boggling. DeFi Saver has made a name for itself in the Ethereum ecosystem, saving thousands of users from liquidation while handling over 100,000 transactions and over $6 billion in trade volume. While you may haven't heard of it because the team stayed out of marketing schemes and focused on building instead, the DeFi Saver app has provided excellent tools in a conveniently packaged UI for years. It is worth checking out. 

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