A dAMM First For DeFi: Transparent Institutional Lending for Any Token

This month, dAMM Finance is launching the first truly transparent institutional lending application for theoretically any token. 

The dAMM protocol will allow users to lend directly to only selected & fully verified pool of institutions, instilling greater trust and introducing strong security through full on-chain transparency of borrower activity. 

Their ultimate goal is to restore trust between users and institutions, something that has been lost following the reckless borrowing and lending practices of major blockchain firms such as 3AC, Celsius Network, and Voyager over the past few months. 

The brainchild of one of the largest and most established market makers in the space, dAMM Finance looks set to become an industry leader in DeFi. 

True On-Chain Transparency 

Full transparency with activity and transactions is more important than ever to institutional lenders, and trust has undoubtedly been squandered by the malicious events across DeFi in the last few months, with firms like 3AC and Celsius network making irresponsible decisions behind the scenes with customer funds. 

dAMM Finance establishes full on-chain transparency where lenders are given visual access to borrower activity, showing who’s interacting with each pool on their dApp (decentralised application). This level of unclouded visibility discourages bad actors and provides an added layer of security. 

The end user will have access to see what’s happening under the hood, restoring confidence in customers and helping draw more activity to the platform. 

Borrower Profile & Vetting Process 

dAMM is built on having market-makers as primary borrowers and well-established market-neutral trading firms. Their current list of institutions who are ready to borrow at launch include Wintermute, Kronos Research, Time Research, System 9, LedgerPrime, WOO Network, and more. 

Each one is required to go through extensive KYC (Know Your Customer) and credit analysis using Credora, a third-party credit risk analysis (CRA) platform. Credora also provides dAMM with detailed insights and monitoring of open trading positions and the net exposures of every borrower. 

Other Key Benefits: 

There are several other key benefits that dAMM offers to set it apart from the rest, making it a strong contender in the lending/borrowing space: 

  • Seamless Onboarding: Their team has designed the onboarding process to vary, depending on the type of user 
  • No Fees: dAMM doesn’t institute any deposit, withdrawal, or AUM fees 
  • No-Term Negotiation: Protocol loans can be instantly claimed and borrowed for long periods, eliminating fixed-term deals with determined interest rates 

About dAMM Finance 

dAMM is a fully transparent lending and borrowing protocol for pooling assets and lending directly to top tier institutional borrowers. Interest rates algorithmically determined by supply and demand allow access to under-collateralized loans for borrowers and yields for liquidity providers. 

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