Tired of crypto exchanges? You might need a personal broker

Crypto exchanges might seem convenient, but they can be risky due to their susceptibility to hacks, technical glitches, limited liquidity, and unplanned outages. In addition to these challenges, quality service is often an afterthought.

It's no wonder so many investors are seeking a more personalized crypto investing experience, like that provided by Caleb & Brown.

A leading cryptocurrency brokerage, Caleb & Brown, offers a great alternative to impersonal crypto exchanges. The heart of Caleb & Brown’s business is digital assets and real people. With a broker by your side, you can confidently buy, sell, swap, and safely store your assets.

Experience the Caleb & Brown difference:

1.Personalized service

When you join Caleb & Brown, you’re matched with your very own personal broker. They take the time to understand your goals, and help you construct a portfolio that suits your needs. Their role is to help you stay informed and secure when it comes to your investments. Always on hand to answer questions or help you to adjust your position, they’re only ever a phone call or email away.

2. Security

When buying, selling, or trading, all you have to do is contact your broker via email or through the Caleb & Brown Portal, exclusively available to verified clients. Both of these communication methods create a paper trail which can be more secure than an app.

Your personal broker at Caleb & Brown always requires an extra human step before approving a withdrawal. This can be as simple as hopping on a video call or taking a selfie with a passport. These easy steps add an extra layer of security and allow you to trade crypto as safely as possible.

3. Reporting