An Ethereum team has warped Uniswap onto StarkNet

Quick Take

  • Ethereum development team Nethermind has warped the decentralized exchange Uniswap over to StarkNet.
  • The project is not in affiliation with Uniswap.

Ethereum development company Nethermind has warped the decentralized exchange Uniswap onto the Ethereum Layer 2 network StarkNet.

The core idea is that this will make a version of Uniswap — albeit unaffiliated with the exchange — available for those using StarkNet. In theory, this should make it cheaper for Ethereum users to swap tokens, if they're using StarkNet, since the network offers lower fees than making transactions and swaps on the main Ethereum blockchain.

The plugin is still in development and more is to come on the testing front, according to Nethermind team lead Jorik Schellekens in a blog post.

It's challenging to take projects on Ethereum to StarkNet because the former uses the Solidity coding language, while the latter uses Cairo. As a result, the code has to be translated so that it works in the different language.

This migration effort of Ethereum applications to StarkNet is the main purpose of Nethermind's Warp project. Schellekens said that some of StarkNet's recent improvements enabled the Warp project to take on more advanced applications, starting with Uniswap. He noted that by warping a project as big as Uniswap, Warp itself is becoming more mature and this is lowering the barrier to entry for other projects to test out StarkNet.

He added, "Warp is not about to stop with Uniswap! We will continue working hard on features and repeat this experiment with a few other protocols, bringing new protocols to StarkNet at warp speed."

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