Mayor Suarez 'thrilled' as MiamiWeb3 summit pulls institutional crypto players to town

A new summit is coming to Miami this November, providing a platform for institutional players to discuss the future of digital assets. 

Miami has become the prime destination for summits and conferences with impact, as the city is positioning itself as the global crypto capital. Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami, welcomes a new summit to the city — this time focusing on institutional players. 

Bitcoin 2022, CryptoWorldCon, Metaverse Miami, and the North American Bitcoin Conference are all household names in the vibrant city. Now a new major event is being added to the list: MiamiWeb3. 

This year’s MiamiWeb3 summit is set to take place from November 28-30, 2022, at the InterContinental Miami hotel. This event is the first-of-its-kind, marking a monumental step in driving Web3 adoption both in industry and policy. The event is co-organized by the City of Miami, Atlas, a pioneering Web3 infrastructure provider, and its parent company CTH Group. 

The event's premise is simple: it’s about going beyond crypto and embracing Web3, the next iteration of the internet. Web3 is transforming our lives at an extraordinary pace, and meaningful discussions among the right people help to drive the industry forward. With high-profile institutional participants and government officials from all over the world expected to join, this summit is slated to become the global platform that Web3 needs. 

CTH Group sets the stage as a leading blockchain infrastructure, venture capital investment, and digital asset management company whose notable investments include Binance.US, Chainlink, Coinbase, and Polkadot. As one of the world’s leading and fastest growing Web3 infrastructure companies, Atlas manages data centers worldwide, running nodes for over 100 protocols. Together they combine technical and financial infrastructure while investing ahead of trends before they manifest. At MiamiWeb3, they will be bringing together thought leaders of the Web3 ecosystem and beyond. 

Atlas and CTH Group want to create a platform where trends and pressing topics concerning Web3 can be discussed. From building out the ecosystem across all verticals to unleashing Web3’s full potential with new business models to contributing to a better foundation for fair, equitable, and clean growth for the world. 

The event is expected to attract more than 1,000 delegates from across the globe. The organizers plan to release the full agenda, along with details of keynote speakers and panel participation in the weeks ahead. 

Our Future, Transformed 

As a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says he is “thrilled” and “honored” to welcome the summit to his city. 

"Web3 is already transforming our everyday lives and the future of the global economy," Suarez explained. "Miami is now at the cutting edge of this revolution, and this annual Web3 conference — strategically synchronized with the Art Basel Miami festival — will keep Miami at the strategic forefront of Web3 technology in the years ahead." 

And Raymond Yuan, the founder and chairman of Atlas, declared that a "once-in-a-generation leap" from Web2 to Web3 is now well underway. 

"Investment is rapidly growing, as is the number of developers, projects, and institutions in the ecosystem," he said. "As a company focused on underpinning the future of Web3, we believe it is important to bring the ecosystem together to discuss and shape its development sustainably and equitably. There is no better place to do so than in Miami, which has fast become the hub for Web3." 


Get ready 

The MiamiWeb3 Summit is not their first rodeo — Atlas held its Building Web3 preview summit in Austin, Texas, as the side event that kicked-off Consensus this year. Leaders from Web3 and government came together to highlight megatrends and discuss challenges, offering their insights and diverse perspectives. 

Beyond MiamiWeb3, Atlas and CTH Group are doubling down on the development of the local Web3 industry. By collaborating with government officials and embarking on a global hiring spree, they are positioning themselves for the future.  

As the “business-to-protocol backbone of Web3”, Atlas powers the ecosystem with a full suite of infrastructure products covering more than 100 protocols. Atlas also aims to become the benchmark in clean energy for Web3 protocols, using innovative renewable energy data centers to drive ESG sustainability and sector stability. 

There will be plenty to discuss, from the industry's current state to the latest in policy & regulation to the many moving components for institutional DeFi and bridging venture capital and web2 to the next generation of the internet. Stay tuned for MiamiWeb3! 

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