Infinity NFT Marketplace Seeks to Replace Royalties With Launch of ‘Curation’

In recent months, a debate has broken out within the NFT community surrounding creator royalties. Proponents of the feature argue that it is crucial for helping Web3 attract, and retain, top creators/teams. 

Meanwhile, critics have argued that royalties have become an unnecessary tax on NFT traders and can even enrich nefarious teams that have abandoned their projects. 

This debate reached fever pitch this past weekend when DeGods, a top collection on Solana, announced that it would be lowering its royalties to 0%. 

It seems that both sides are caught up in a zero-sum debate, however consider this: 

What if there was a new model that could align the incentives of both NFT teams and communities?  

That was the question Infinity NFT marketplace founder Adi Kancherla found himself asking for the past year. And he believes that he has finally found the solution, a new feature which he calls ‘curation’.  

Here’s how it works: 

If a user believes strongly in an NFT collection, they can place votes for that collection on the Infinity platform via the $INFT token.  

The top voted collections are then highlighted on the Infinity home page, which helps new collectors to discover them.