Web3 Builders raises $7 million in effort to make web3 safer for all

Quick Take

  • Web3 Builders Inc. has raised $7 million in seed funding and launched its first product, TrustCheck.
  • Founded by a former Amazon Web Services executive, Web3 Builders aims to provide an anti-scam tool and make web3 safer for all.

Web3 Builders Inc., a crypto startup focused on end-user security, has emerged from stealth with $7 million in seed funding and the launch of its first product, TrustCheck.

Crypto-focused investment firm Road Capital led Web3 Builders' seed round, with participation from OpenSea Ventures, Sparkle Ventures, Global Founders Capital and others, the firm announced on Tuesday. Web3 Builders was initially looking to raise $5 million for the round but ended up with an oversubscription, it said. 

Founded earlier this year by Riccardo Pellegrini, a former head of product at Amazon Web Services, Web3 Builders aims to make web3 safer for all. "We’ve spoken at this point with hundreds of scam victims, and what became clear to us in doing so is that most folks are getting scammed, not as part of these massive hacks, but as a result of micro scams," Pellegrini told The Block. "For example, this could be a phishing link that leads them to a wallet drainer site or a dangerous signature request that they accidentally sign."

To prevent users from falling prey to such techniques, Web3 Builders has launched TrustCheck — a free Chrome browser extension that works in the background to detect scams and notify users so that they can cancel risky transactions.

"TrustCheck automatically warns users when they attempt to go to known phishing sites, or it detects the presence of wallet drainer code," said Pellegrini. It does so by using machine-learning technology and a variety of on-chain and off-chain data sources to se