Anchorage rolls out full-stack API service battle tested by early partners

Quick Take

  • Crypto unicorn Anchorage has launched a new full-stack API infrastructure service known as “build with Anchorage.” 
  • The new service has been battle tested by several early partners such as AngelList, Series Financial and Oath Digital. 

Crypto bank Anchorage Digital is rolling out a new full-stack infrastructure service known as, “build with Anchorage,” to enable companies plug-and-play access to a range of crypto services. 

Anchorage was co-founded by Diogo Mónica and Nathan McCauley in 2017. It enables industry players and institutions access to integrated financial services and infrastructure solutions such as custody, staking and trading services.    

The startup sees the new service is the beginning of a deeper crypto service expansion for companies outside of the crypto industry.  

How does 'build with Anchorage' work?

The service is powered by a range of APIs that Anchorage partners can leverage to gain access to crypto payment gateways, crypto financial products and market participation tools. 

Clients will also be able to tap into Anchorage’s team of architects, integration engineers and deployment strategists to design and test their own bespoke crypto solutions and bring them to the market. 

The bank has been quietly building this out with several early partners, which include fintechs such as AngelList and Series Financial, crypto native firms like Moon Mortgage and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) such as MAYA, Oath Digital, Plutus21 Capital, according to the release. 

“Supporting the purchase of real estate through Bitcoin collateralized mortgage lending is an important use case for digital assets,” said Aaron Nevin, founder and CEO Moon Mortgage, in the release. “Anchorage was the only crypto-native company with the regulatory framework and robust financing program to make this powerful new capability possible, and we are excited to partner with them.” 

'Every business will be a crypto business'

“Today’s financial services institutions not only want to custody their own crypto balance sheets with us, they want to offer crypto products to their customers or use crypto in novel ways. ‘Build With Anchorage’ enables them to tap into the crypto economy,” said Mónica in the release. “They see what we see: Every business will be a crypto business.”  

Already this year, Anchorage has pushed into Asia with five new partnerships, it has teamed up with AngelList to enable investors to invest in funds with the USDC stablecoin, and it has secured a custodian role with buzzy new Layer 1 blockchain Aptos. 

It’s also navigated the bear market with zero capital losses and without spending a dime of its recently raised $350 million Series D funding, said Mónica in a recent interview with The Block. 

Despite the startup's success in the bear market, Mónica said he had no intention of exploring the retail market instead choosing to focus on institutional clients. 

“It’s not our business or our DNA,” Mónica said. “I would rather have institutions that come and create new products and build on top of Anchorage and get benefit by proximity.” 

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