Analysis of the Debut Crypto Assets Rises on MEXC in 2022. The Highest Rise for a Single Project is between 166% and 479900%

Many projects in 2022 still have relatively impressive performances in the secondary market. M-Research statistics show that as of October 27, 150 of MEXC 2022 debut projects have increased by more than 10%, including 65 projects with an increase of 10%-100%, 86 projects with an increase of more than 100%, and the highest increase of individual projects between 166% and 479900%. 

In 2022, among the top 20 projects with the first token increase of MEXC, the highest increase is between 2020% and 479900%, the current increase is between 14% and 60908%, and the average highest increase is 5605%. Among them, GameFi projects have the largest number, with a total of 7 projects, followed by the number of NFT projects with three. 

Table: M-Research 

Suppose the number of counted projects is expanded to 150 (an increase of more than 10%). In that case, GameFi and NFT are still the best-performing tracks this year, including 29 NFT projects, accounting for 19.3%, and 25 GameFi projects, accounting for 16%. Secondly, although the number of outbreaks in the DeFi track is not as good as that of NFT and GameFi, it still reaches 18, accounting for 12%. 

Among them, GameFi projects do not only include the game category, but the X2E category has not only become one of the hottest tracks in 2022 and is tied with the game category in terms of number and upward performance. 

Graph: M-Research 

As the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is approaching, fan tokens have become a separate track. They have performed well, such as LAZIO (S.S. Lazio Fan Token) with a maximum gain of over 814%, SNFT (The Spanish National Football Team Fan Token) with the highest rise of 2075%, and ITA ( The Italian Football Federation Fan Token) had the highest increase of 4550%. 

MEXC and Binance are the platforms with the most online fan tokens. They are classified according to the issuing platform (chain), namely the Chiliz, Bitci, and BSC series. Among them, MEXC has 18 listed fan tokens, of which five will be launched in 2022.  

Note: M-Research previously counted the number of online fan tokens as 17. Now it's 18 plus the recently launched ITA. 

Compared to 2021, there are few popular new infrastructure projects in the secondary market this year. There are projects, with only a few like OP, APT, GLMR, and EVMO, focusing on Layer2 of Ethereum, the new public chain, and the cross-chain ecology. 

Table: M-Research 

If we divide them by the rate of increase, there are 69 MEXC debut projects with a 10%-100% increase. In terms of quantity, NFT, GameFi track, and other "blockchain+" projects (such as blockchain + medical treatment, blockchain + entertainment, blockchain + advertising, etc.). There are 81 projects with more than 100% increase, and the best performers are still NFT, GameFi, and fan token tracks. 

Graph: M-Research 

Overall, in 2022, the focus of infrastructure in the cryptocurrency market is still mainly on old-school projects like Ethereum 2.0, the four major Layer 2s of Ethereum(Optimism、zkSync、StarkNet、Arbitrum), Cosmos 2.0, and Polkadot. Except for a few projects with well-known institutions backing and Meta backgrounds, such as Aptos and Sui, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for new public chains, and the focus will continue on application-layer projects on the NFT, DeFi, and GameFi tracks. 

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