Information Aggregation Platform Launches Web3ite Pass, Enabling Web3 Profile Creation, a Web3 information aggregation platform, announced that its inaugural product, Web3ite Pass, will be launched on December 26th. Web3ite Pass is a certificate NFT that allows users to own and edit a customizable profile page under the same name. It functions as a Web3 name card, an identity symbol, helping both individuals and projects access information, build brands and enhance connections in the Web3 space. 

"Currently, DNS functions as the building blocks of the traditional internet and receives wide consensus and recognition, and we believe that Web3 cannot and should not leave this consensus behind. Therefore, Web3ite Pass aims to incorporate the consensus of DNS in the off-chain world into Web3 and create new values based on Web3 characteristics," according to the team. 

Web3ite Pass is an ecosystem credential launched by to connect the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Each Web3ite Pass is an ERC721 NFT and corresponds to a unique "" domain name. Users who choose a name and mint a Web3ite Pass enjoy the following benefits: 

A showcase profile page 

Web3ite Pass owners can create and edit a display page with the same name, e.g. an "abc" Pass holder can own and manage the "" page. This showcase page displays content such as name, introduction, socials, content links and other multi-dimensional on-chain and off-chain information. With the domain name being the natural focal point of the Web3 community, profiles intend to aggregate all information from both personal and organization that are exploring the Web3 world. It also provides spaces for displaying specific thematic content. 

On-chain domains as identity symbols 

With the help of some on-chain infrastructure (such as ENS), bridges DNS to the blockchain world. On the Ethereum mainnet, will be registered with the ENS protocol, allowing Pass owners to use their domains as their on-chain identities in ENS-enabled Apps. For example, by entering "", the transfer will be made to the correspondent wallet associated with the Pass. Apart from Ethereum, plans to explore deployment with other blockchains with the aim of integrating data from multiple chains into the same profile, making profiles a one-stop shop for  identity building for both individual and organization users. 

The purpose of is to create a product that utilizes everything about Web3 and creates support for all the projects and users in the blockchain world. After Web3ite Pass, it intends to launch a content integration tool called Web3 Space, a high-quality navigation and display space based on created showcase page content and Dweb. 

Projects and organizations are an integral part of the Web3 industry, however, a platform that systematically displays projects and organizations is still missing on the market. Based on the Web3ite Pass profile content and data collected across the internet, Web3 Space builds easy-to-use, credible project and organization exploration pages through navigation and search modules, allowing users to get real and reliable project information, and at the same time, helping user-owned profiles gain exposure and traffic.  Web3 Space is also exploring the discovery of Dwebs and creating a navigation system consisting of both project information and their decentralized content. domains will be released gradually according to its schedule. Individual users can participate in various whitelist activities in the community to get early access to domains. Projects and brands can submit requests to reserve domain names via Users with reserved names can mint their Web3ite Pass after December 26th and other users can also try out the product on 

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About is a Web3 information aggregation service, dedicated to guiding and serving new and experienced users in the vastness of Web3 while synthesizing and displaying all kinds of information available on- and off-chain. Through, anyone and anything in the Web3 world can interconnect and explore the gigantic network that goes along the Web3 paradigm and spirit. 

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