The Next-Gen of Blockchain Technology—Who Will Be At The Forefront?

As the crypto bear run intensifies, there has been a necessary shift in paradigm—with a significant focus on building more products to solve real-world problems as we await the imminent bull run. The building never stops in the fast-paced crypto market, and the players of the next bull run are currently working to build and launch valuable, efficient, and problem-solving products that will put them at the forefront of the next market boom.  

With most builders’ focus on addressing real-world issues, the question that has lingered and cast a wave of uncertainty, especially for most developers, is; who will be the next generation of blockchain technology?  

In previous times, dating to the launch of Bitcoin over a decade ago, we've seen the influx and proliferation of trends like meme coins, stablecoins, fan tokens, and the recent wave of NFTs. While these trends created so much buzz, way more than envisaged, they didn't solve any specific real-world problems, and not surprisingly, they were short-lived. In a seemingly unprecedented fashion, Vyvo Smart Chain [VSC], a nascent project, has been launched to solve the fundamental sticking points of the data industry explicitly.  

Vyvo Smart Chain  

Similar to the internet in the 2000s, crypto has experienced various phases of vague purpose and immaturity, which led to numerous cases of trials and errors on the part of developers. As more attempts are made, and concomitant buzz is short-lived, the key players have built sustainable products to solve real-world problems, hence their prolonged survival. VSC is on that path.  

Leveraging specific technologies and the principles of blockchain, VSC has designed a real solution to the data industry’s problems—how to collect, validate, and monetize data. As the first blockchain-based project powered by heartbeats, Vyvo Smart Chain will dispel the data collection and validation issue, allowing users to monetize their information in a genuinely decentralized manner.  


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VSC aims to enable the safe collection, validation, distribution, decentralization, and monetization of data while offering users absolute control and ownership. And to do this, VSC has partnered with a Layer-2 application—inPersona—that will align perfectly with a Layer-1 blockchain network. Additionally, VSC will leverage existing Layer-1 technology to create an efficient Layer-2 solution for data management.  

Besides these integrations, VSC will introduce APIs for manufacturers to integrate their devices into their systems and access the numerous rewards available. Vyvo Smart Chain aims to build a decentralized digital health platform that attracts IoT manufacturers and enables the secure collection, validation, and monetization of data. VSC also seeks to eliminate any barrier to entry by delivering an ecosystem where anyone with a health monitoring device, a Data NFT, and a digital wallet can become a participant.  

Vyvo Smart Chain is leveraging NFT technology and wearable tech to build a platform that solves a real problem in an existing industry. With various exciting features, rewards, technology integrations, and solutions, VSC is positioning itself as the forerunner of the next generation of blockchain technology.  


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