Yuga Labs blacklists Blur, SudoSwap and other marketplaces in Sewer Pass mint

Quick Take

  • Yuga Labs has blacklisted addresses related to Blur, SudoSwap, LooksRare and NFTX in today’s Sewer Pass mint. 
  • Yuga Labs joins other NFT creators in banning certain marketplaces in the coding of new NFT project smart contracts.

Yuga Labs blacklisted at least four marketplaces that don't mandate NFT royalties in its newest NFT drop, Sewer Pass.

Sewer Pass includes coding that blocks NFT transactions from wallets belonging to Blur, SudoSwapLooksRare and NFTX, according to Simon Cousaert, The Block Research's Director of Data. LooksRare and Blur have an optional royalty system, and NFTX and SudoSwap also don't honor royalty payments.

The move is the latest salvo in the ongoing war over NFT royalties. In blacklisting those marketplaces, Yuga Labs joins other NFT creators in blocking royalty-evading platforms from transacting with their NFTs.

In September, QQL blacklisted X2Y2, another NFT marketplace with optional royalties, from dealing with the QQL Mint Pass NFT drop. X2Y2 responded to the blacklisting by saying, "When someone else can decide where you can transfer your NFT, you are not the real owners anymore."

Sewer Pass netted $1.3 million in trading volume one hour after its launch, and has amassed nearly $5 million worth of ETH four hours after the launch. 

Correction: The piece was updated to reflect SudoSwap's royalty system.

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