2023: The year of Stablecoins?

Demand for stablecoins will accelerate this year, particularly in Latin America 

Growing up in Venezuela, I learned to “live” with staggering double digit inflation. However, recent headlines indicate that inflation across South America is reaching new highs as demonstrated by Argentina’s 2022 inflation hitting the highest rate in three decades.  

While many speculate that it can’t get worse in many of these countries, they fail to see that these seemingly high numbers have in reality been offset by another factor: foreign direct investment (FDI). 

In recent years, the investment flow of funds has increased substantially in Latin America (LatAm), effectively neutralizing a great deal of the local inflationary pressures. 

But the tides are changing. As China pursues an aggressive reopening campaign, it will attract FDI flows away from LatAm in 2023. As demand for LatAm currencies is subsequently reduced, inflation could skyrocket even higher. When this dynamic is combined with the fact that many Latin Americans don’t trust their local banking systems, it is clear that their access to financial services is more broken than ever before.  

Latin Americans will need two things more in 2023 than they ever needed before: 1) a more stable currency option, 2) a secure platform where they can do more with their digital assets.  

For a more stable currency option, look no further than stablecoins.  

Latin America consistently leads the adoption charts for not only crypto, but also stablecoins, viewing it as a more stable currency offering than their local currencies. According to Mastercard’s New Payments Index 2022, 33% of consumers in South America have used stablecoins for everyday purchases. 

At Ledn, we limit the assets we support to Bitcoin and USDC. As we see the adoption of stablecoins grow globally, interest in our USDC products & services grow with it. And along with that growth comes the challenge to continue to evolve our suite to make USDC more accessible and productive for our clients.  

Do more with your stablecoins 

We believe that you should be able to do more with your digital assets. Ledn’s USDC Savings accounts, allows our Latin American clients to earn monthly interest on their USDC. Ledn Trade allows clients to adjust their holdings between BTC and USDC as they see fit, all without trading fees. The future of our stablecoin-supported offering is bright. We are working on expanding our product portfolio to give our clients more choice over how they earn yield on their USDC Savings.  


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