Fortnite gamer who won Bored Ape Dookey Dash prize tries to sell it for $3.7 million

Quick Take

  • The top Dookey Dash gamer has set out to sell the NFT prize awarded to him for $3.7 million.
  • Bidders have until March 16 to buy it. 

The gaming streamer who won the top prize in Yuga Labs' debut game Dookey Dash has put the NFT up for sale on OpenSea for 2,222 ETH, or about $3.7 million. 

Dedicated jpeg collectors have until March 16 to snap up the "key," which is currently a crucial part of a token-gated mission set by the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk parent company. The top offer on OpenSea is currently 10% of the proposed price, at 222 ETH. 

For three weeks, users who possessed Bored Apes’ “Sewer Pass” NFTs were able to play the Dookey Dash video game in an attempt to get the highest possible score. Some Sewer Pass holders hired more experienced gamers to play on their behalf in an effort to secure a better score. 

The pro Fortnite gamer known as Mongraal was the top scorer as the leaderboard froze last week, and therefore awarded the spoils in an event Yuga Labs called "The Summoning."

If the key sells for the price tag suggested, it would mean the buyer paid more than double that of the most expensive Bored Ape sold last year at the height of the market, which cost $1.6 million.

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